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Acupuncture and Related Therapies

Preventive Medicine

      Acupuncture is best used as preventive medicine.  It is better to treat the body

when various symptoms arise, before they progress into an illness or a disease.

      A good diet, activity, and quiet contemplation are needed for a healthy body. 

Stress and tension can hinder the optimum functioning  of our bodily systems. 

Acupuncture can help relax and release the overburdened areas and boost the weak

areas.  The mind and spirit are also soothed with acupuncture.

      Acupuncture prods the body to do its own healing.  I believe that the body, in all

its wisdom, knows what areas need to be healed first.  Acupuncture works on the

whole body.  The meridian systems (energetic pathways) reach many areas and are


     Many people ask: "Does acupuncture treat (heal,cure) condition A, B, or C?"

     We must think: "What are the underlying conditions that lead to this situation?"

Treating a symptom is only a temporary solution.  If the root of the problem is not

addressed, the symptom may return.

     Acupuncture assists in the healing process.  It is an adjustment in the flow of

energy and fluids in the body.  It helps the body to function better on many levels.

Healthier bodies will react more quickly than others.

      Yes, acupuncture can treat (produce a shift) in many conditions.  But a change in

lifestyle (diet, activity, rest, habits, attitude) will be needed if one is looking for a

healing or a cure.

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